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We get some long-overdue revelations, some fun character moments, and some slightly problematic choices, but in general, the show looks like its found its feet.

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A Pirate At Heart

Watching the new Discovery, and it reminded me of something that's always bugged me about Enterprise's take on the Mirror Universe. It had the Vulcans as one of the races conquered by the Terrans. And I find this hard to square with the orignal Mirror, Mirror.

In Mirror, Mirror, Spock's a high-ranking officer. He has a Vulcan bodyguard – the only other Starfleet Vulcan we see in TOS! He threatens Sulu that he has agents who would avenge his death and 'some of them are Vulcans'. So I always assumed the mirror Vulcans were just as bad as the Terrans – a powerful and feared elite within the Empire, not slaves and rebels.

I don't know, I just feel Enterprise's Terran-only Empire was a bit less interesting than what was implied in TOS.


Review: The Last Jedi

Thinking some more about The Last Jedi, now I've had a few weeks to digest it – and gotten back from my holidays. Indonesia's national parks are beautiful!

I think there's two main issues I have with it. One's somewhat unavoidable and unintentional, but the other is a real weakness of the film as it stands.
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A Wing and a Prayer

Nothing makes me feel more confident in the safety of a flight like finding a card in the seat pocket printed with prayers to five different deities asking for their aid in ensuring the plane reaches its destination...

Spoilers for The Last Jedi

As a long time X-Wing vs TIE Fighter player...

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So, Tarantino's interested in doing a Star Trek film? You know, I can actually see that working well – he's a man that knows the value of good dialogue, and makes great scenes out of just two people in a room talking, and Star Trek could really use someone who emphasises that again.

You know what I'd love to see? Tarantino's take on “The Conscience of the King”. It's perfect for him – a focus on revenge, long tense confrontations between the hero and the villain, a bit of metatextual writing with the focus on theatres and performances, and sudden, unexpected violence at the end. I think that'd be incredible to see...

In Time, You Will Call Me... Master!

So, hey, seems I've finished my post-graduate degree.

I guess I've got to work out what to do with my life now...


Here There Be Dragons

Checking hotels for an upcoming holiday... one advertises 'deluxe rooms' with amenities such as 'hot water, western style toilet, chair, table'.

This does not fill me with confidence about the quality of the non-deluxe rooms..
So, hey, we're halfway through the season, and this week's was a good one, and I'm still interested to see where this is going, so... mission accomplished?

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Is it a bad sign when the best parts of this show are the episodes that largely ignore its premise? Like, just give me more standalone episodes, ignore the spore drive and the Klingons and whatever.

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In episode eight... we're back to 'wait and see if I hate it' territory.

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Oh, and unrelated – the new Klingon birds of prey are really just Centauri fighters, yes?

Star Trek Discovery: 1x06 (Lethe)

So, hey, only halfway through the season, we finally get an episode that has a reason to be set in the 23rd century!

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What? It's not about Sybok? That's a shame.

Show seems to be finally finding it's feet; looks like I will be renewing my Netflix subscription.

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Very much an episode of two parts; the Discovery storyline seems to be finding its feet, while the Klingon side of things is just... Bleh.

The Butcher's Knife Cares Not For the World is Hollow and the Children Shall Lead...Collapse )

Actual thoughts: I'm interested, but extremely wary. I can see this series going two ways, one could be good, one could be extremely awful, and at this point, I'm not sure which it's going to be. The perils of highly-serialised stories – they're hard to rate until they've built up a lot of steam. There's a lot of bits in part one I liked – and man, but it's nice to see a professional, experienced Starfleet crew on screen again! - but then part two seems to be edging dangerously close to 'Hard men making hard choices' mil-SF nonsense, and I don't know if it's going to fall over that edge or if it's setting up a serious redemption arc for the main character.

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Star Trek: Discovery, Initial Reaction:

I am considering boycotting the show until they give the Klingons back their hair.

Polls, Plebiscites and Surveys

So, Australia's finally on the path to same-sex marriage! Yay!

And, this being Australia, we're doing it in the dumbest possible way! Yay- aww.

See, it's become obvious that same-sex marriage is only a matter of time, and it's becoming increasingly untenable to delay it any further, not to mention it being kind of embarrassing to be one of the last holdouts in the West.

And, hey, our Prime Minister at the moment is pretty socially liberal, and the opposition would fully support a same sex marriage bill, and there's no constitutional issues like there were in Ireland. So, no problem, right?

Oh, except our Prime Minister is also holding onto power by the skin of his teeth, with a majority of just one seat in parliament and constantly declining polls. So... basically, he's got to sell his soul to the social regressives in his own party to stay in office. Instead of just having a bill go through parliament, we're going to have a national plebiscite on the issue! That won't be legally binding. And which members of the government have said they won't necessarily respect if it returns a 'yes' result.

Oh, but they can't actually do that, because a plebiscite would require senate approval, and they don't have the numbers – Labor and the Greens basically feeling it would be a complete waste of time and money, that government money would be used to fund a 'no' campaign, that it would just be nasty and divisive for no benefit, and can we just pass a bill already?!

So, what are we doing instead? Well, we're having a voluntary postal survey! It's not a plebiscite because it's being run by the Bureau of Statistics, not the Electoral Office! Who may or may not actually be capable of running something on this scale! And it's going to cost tens of millions of dollars! And conservative members of the government have said they still won't respect a 'yes' vote unless it wins overwhelmingly! And it may well be unconstitutional to do an end-run around the senate like this!

So now the question is, is it even worth legitimising this sort of hateful nonsense by participating, or should we just boycott the damn thing? At this point, I don't even know. Basic rights shouldn't be put to a poll, especially not such an amature-hour half-assed one like this. And Labor probably will just pass legislation for same-sex marriage when they win office next anyway. On the other hand, if we are going to have this idiocy, better we win it... I honestly don't know. I want this to succeed, but I can certainly understand the impulse to boycott.

On the plus side, Bill Shorten's really impressed me with his statements against the poll and in support of the LBGT community. So maybe there's still some hope that Australia's government won't always be held hostage by its worst representatives...



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