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Big Game Hunters

Discussing the Solo trailer, and of course two questions came up. One, what the hell did Han and Chewie do to the Falcon's interior? And two, what does Han actually smuggle?

As it turns out, the answer to both of them is obvious. We've only seen Han actually smuggling cargo once, in The Force Awakens, and he was smuggling wild animals.

And now, all the pieces fall into place!

The Falcon's a rat's nest by the time of A New Hope because normally Han and Chewie are keeping animals there.

The Mynocks in Empire Strikes Back are presumably a cargo Han forgot to unload; he doesn't seem at all surprised to find random animals attached to his ship in deep space.

Jabba's a regular customer. Between pets, monsters, and lunch, he's always looking for new exotic creatures.

The Sarlacc, then, was presumably the cargo Han dumped at the first sign of an imperial patrol. He just dumped it in the desert somewhere. Jabba wasn't happy, and once he finally found it, he thought it'd be nicely ironic to use it to execute Han.

The Porgs nesting in the Falcon in The Last Jedi are kind of bittersweet for Chewie to see; it reminds him of the good old days, when there were always half a dozen critters nesting somewhere on the ship.

Tell me it doesn't all add up!


So, hey, we made it through the season without Section 31 ever rearing their head – that's a win in my book!

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“Man, I wish we'd gotten Georgiou as captain of Discovery. They could have had survive and escape from the Klingons or something...”

The Monkey's Paw shudders as a single finger curls inwards, and a sudden chill fills the room.

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Discovery's Legacy

Randomly watching episodes of older Star Trek, and two off-hand references caught my attention after watching Discovery:

In TNG's “First Contact” (The episode, not the movie), Picard mentions that a 'disastrous contact' with the Klingons led to decades of war. That's not what happened when Archer first made contact with the Klingons in Enterprise... but that's pretty much exactly what happened on Discovery at the Binary Suns.

And in DS9's “Once More Unto the Breach”, Kor talks about a great victory he won over the Federation as a young man, at Caleb Four, when 'the cloaking device was a new technology' and only a few engineers could operate them. That... pretty much slots perfectly into the Klingon war as portrayed on Discovery.

Someone on the writing team, I think, has a very keen head for trivia and obscure continuity.

5 Minor Characters from The Last Jedi...

...Who Deserve an Expansive Backstory in a Tales From... Style Anthology:

  • Grumpy Dreadnought Captain
  • Evil BB8
  • The Rebel Trooper Who Apparently Tastes Every Planet He Visits
  • The Master Codebreaker and His Distinctive Pin That is So Unique That Giving His Name, Species, or Indeed Any Sort of Description Would Be Superfluous to Identify Him
  • Carrie Fisher's Dog

We get some long-overdue revelations, some fun character moments, and some slightly problematic choices, but in general, the show looks like its found its feet.

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A Pirate At Heart

Watching the new Discovery, and it reminded me of something that's always bugged me about Enterprise's take on the Mirror Universe. It had the Vulcans as one of the races conquered by the Terrans. And I find this hard to square with the orignal Mirror, Mirror.

In Mirror, Mirror, Spock's a high-ranking officer. He has a Vulcan bodyguard – the only other Starfleet Vulcan we see in TOS! He threatens Sulu that he has agents who would avenge his death and 'some of them are Vulcans'. So I always assumed the mirror Vulcans were just as bad as the Terrans – a powerful and feared elite within the Empire, not slaves and rebels.

I don't know, I just feel Enterprise's Terran-only Empire was a bit less interesting than what was implied in TOS.


Review: The Last Jedi

Thinking some more about The Last Jedi, now I've had a few weeks to digest it – and gotten back from my holidays. Indonesia's national parks are beautiful!

I think there's two main issues I have with it. One's somewhat unavoidable and unintentional, but the other is a real weakness of the film as it stands.
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A Wing and a Prayer

Nothing makes me feel more confident in the safety of a flight like finding a card in the seat pocket printed with prayers to five different deities asking for their aid in ensuring the plane reaches its destination...

Spoilers for The Last Jedi

As a long time X-Wing vs TIE Fighter player...

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So, Tarantino's interested in doing a Star Trek film? You know, I can actually see that working well – he's a man that knows the value of good dialogue, and makes great scenes out of just two people in a room talking, and Star Trek could really use someone who emphasises that again.

You know what I'd love to see? Tarantino's take on “The Conscience of the King”. It's perfect for him – a focus on revenge, long tense confrontations between the hero and the villain, a bit of metatextual writing with the focus on theatres and performances, and sudden, unexpected violence at the end. I think that'd be incredible to see...

In Time, You Will Call Me... Master!

So, hey, seems I've finished my post-graduate degree.

I guess I've got to work out what to do with my life now...


Here There Be Dragons

Checking hotels for an upcoming holiday... one advertises 'deluxe rooms' with amenities such as 'hot water, western style toilet, chair, table'.

This does not fill me with confidence about the quality of the non-deluxe rooms..
So, hey, we're halfway through the season, and this week's was a good one, and I'm still interested to see where this is going, so... mission accomplished?

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Is it a bad sign when the best parts of this show are the episodes that largely ignore its premise? Like, just give me more standalone episodes, ignore the spore drive and the Klingons and whatever.

Magic to Make the Sanest Man Go MuddCollapse )

In episode eight... we're back to 'wait and see if I hate it' territory.

There Is No Peace Among the StarsCollapse )
Oh, and unrelated – the new Klingon birds of prey are really just Centauri fighters, yes?


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