David Newgreen (4thofeleven) wrote,
David Newgreen

"Exasperation", Star Wars fanfic

Just a quick little story, inspired by sunnyskywalker's latest Courtship chapter read-through...

Title: Exasperation
Fandom: Star Wars
Categories: Gen, G
Disclaimer: Star Wars and all characters, locations, ect. remain the property of George Lucas. No copyright infringement is intended.
Summary: Luke gets a little too obsessive about philosophy.

It wasn’t that he didn’t like the kid – he was a nice enough guy – but sometimes he was a little too earnest. He got funny ideas in his head about how people should behave, or how Jedi should behave, and wouldn’t shut up about them for weeks. Right now, Chewbacca really didn’t have the patience to debate morality with Luke.

Normally, Chewbacca would foist Luke off onto Han or his sister when he got like this – they were much better at getting his mind off his latest philosophical obsession. But they were still away on their honeymoon, and he doubted they’d appreciate him sending Luke their way. Sighing, he tried to politely explain to Luke that he was very busy and didn’t have time to chat.

But nothing seemed to interrupt the human’s ramblings, as he pontificated on his latest theory of the importance of forgiving those who had served Admiral Zsinj, prior to the warlord’s recent death over Dathomir. Chewbacca realised he couldn’t even follow Luke’s argument, which seemed to be something about hatred and the dark side of the force … and something about his father?

Chewbacca often found himself realising how little he really understood humans.

”Listen, I understand you want to follow the Jedi code, and you like to see everyone else do the same.” Chewbacca finally interrupted Luke. “But lecturing them like this really isn’t the way to get people to see things your way. I respect what you’re saying – but all the Jedi I knew back in the Clone wars were more into leading by example. Like Master Yoda, or Master- what?”

<You knew Master Yoda?> The human gasped, his eyes bulging in surprise.

”Yes?” Chewbacca said, uncertainly, before laughing slightly at the human’s shock. “I did have a life before the Empire, you know. Now if you’ll excuse me, I really do need to get to this briefing…”


Tags: fan fiction, star wars

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